16x Best lunch spots in Utrecht, The Netherlands | Where to eat lunch in Utrecht - Visiting The Dutch Countryside (2024)

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Are you hungry? And in Utrecht, The Netherlands? Have a look at the best lunch spots of Utrecht, The Netherlands here.

If you’re visiting Utrecht, the chances are that you need to eat lunch. Here you will find the best lunch spots of Utrecht. These lunch spots in Utrecht, The Netherlands are almost all very vegetarian-friendly and some are vegan-friendly.

Whenever I’m in Utrecht, getting food is one of my priorities. Because. Food. These 17 cafes and restaurants are the best places on where to eat lunch in Utrecht, The Netherlands. So, if you are looking for the best food in Utrecht, The Netherlands, continue reading.

Note: At some lunch hotspots you won’t find a link to their website. That reason being that there is not English website online. And if you’re wondering where the photos of food are… Well, I simply don’t have the patience to take photos when some serious, good food is placed in front of me.

16x Best lunch spots in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Bakkerij Mario

Bakkerij Mario or Bakery Mario is famous within the city of Utrecht for its great Italian sandwiches in Utrecht. One special sandwich, named after Mario himself, is broodje Mario (sandwich Mario). Unfortunately, Mario passed away in 2013, however, now his sons keep the business running. This place is definitely not vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, but has sandwiches you should definitely try. Did I already tell you that they bake the bread themselves as well?

Bakkerij Mario is opened 6 days a week. From Monday – Friday 11:00-20:00. And on Saturday from 12:00- 20:00.

Oudenoord 412
3513EX Utrecht


Broodnodig in Utrecht is a Swedish bakery and lunchroom. They have amazing sandwiches, cake and much more. Almost everything is made of organic products. Broodnodig has three spots in Utrecht and therefore the opening times differ for every location. However, usually, the opening times are somewhat between 8:00 and 17:00. Have a look at their website for more information here. If you scroll down, you can see the opening times for every location.


If you want to visit one of the many cute restaurants of Utrecht, that also only serve vegetarian food, then Broei is your place to be. Broei has one location but is perfect for every moment of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all incredible here.

Broei is opened 7 days a week and the opening times are 9:00- 22:00.

Oosterkade 24
3582 AV Utrecht


This is another great sandwich spot. They make one of the best Italian sandwiches in town. Warm or cold. Meat or cheese. Even veggies are on the menu. And if you don’t feel like eating bread you can always take one of their famous salads or soups. It’s almost always crowded here, so try to avoid the peak time of lunch and get your food a little before 12:00 and 13:00. It is definitely one of the best lunch spots of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Bigoli is opened 7 days a week. Monday – Friday 10:00-18:00. Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 & Sunday 12:00 – 17:00.

Schoutenstraat 12
3512 GB Utrecht

Roost aan de Singel

For great lunches, an incredible atmosphere and fun people you should go to Roost aan de Singel. It’s located on the side of one of the canals of Utrecht. You should go here for lunch, a good dinner that’s made on a braai (South African bbq) and drinks. Be aware that this is a hotspot for locals during summer.

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From April until the beginning of October this place opens from Wednesday- Sunday from 12:00-23:00. After that you should have a look at their Facebook page here, to see the opening times or events.

Paardenveld 1
3512 RD Utrecht

Anne& Max

This place is like your living room. It’s so cosy and has great food. All of it is homemade and they work with as much organic and local products as possible. You can go to Anne& Max in Utrecht for breakfast and lunch.

Anne & Max is opened 7 days a week. From Monday to Wednesday from 8:00-17:30. Thursday- Saturday 08:00 – 18:00 and on Sunday from 9:00- 18:00. Have a look at their menu right here.

Donkere Gaard 4
3511 KW Utrecht

Talud 9

Talud 9 is another cute little place. It serves great breakfasts, lunches, bites and has great coffee and wine. The food is simple, but with a touch. That touch in combination with the location, interior and people that work here is golden. You should be here for either breakfast, lunch or a drink.

Talud 9 is opened from Tuesday until Sunday 10:00- 01:00. On Monday Talud 9 is closed.

Donkere Gaard 9

3511 KV, Utrecht

Cafe Het Gegeven Paard

Cafe het Gegeven Paard can be found within TivoliVredenburg which is a music complex. The venue consists of five halls designed acoustically for a specific music genre. So, you can have a great dinner here, go for some drinks and go partying later at night. This café can definitely be recommended for a nice lunch, dinner or some drinks. I wouldn’t go here specifically for breakfast; however, it is still tasty as well.

The opening times as follows: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 09:00 -00:00. Thursday: 09:00-01:00. Friday 09:00-01:30. Saturday 10:00- 01:30. Sunday 10:00-00:00.

Vredenburgkade 11,

3511 WC Utrecht

Dimitri Petit

If you like Greek street food, then this is your spot. You can only order a take- away at Dimitri Petit, but that’s one of the reasons why this place is so perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Try their chicken gyros, and if you’re vegetarian, they have something for you as well. So, are you looking for a quick and cheap eat in Utrecht? This place is great for lunch or dinner in Utrecht.

Dimitri Petit opens 7 days a week from 12:00- 22:00.

Servetstraat 4,

3511 KH Utrecht


Smood is a place where you can get, obviously, smoothies. Very tasty ones. However, besides smoothies, there are acai bowls, smoothie bowls, soup of the day, and much more. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch, Smood is your place.

Smood is opened from Tuesday to Sunday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 09:00- 18:00. Thursday from 09:00- 21:00. And Saturday and Sunday 10:00- 18:00.

Vismarkt 16,

3511 KS Utrecht


This is another great salad bar. You might’ve seen Sla locations in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Rotterdam. They keep on expanding their locations, which means they must be doing something right. I personally love their food. It fills my stomach and keeps me energized. Besides that, their products are as conscious as possible as Sla uses seasonal vegetables and local crops. You will find anything from soups to juices and from bowls to seasonal salads.

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Sla has three locations in Utrecht, so the opening times differ. Most are open 7 days a week from 11:00-21:00.


The food at Gys is mostly made with the use of local products. This is one of the reasons why I love this place as you can taste the freshness. It is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free friendly. You can spend every time of the day here and get good food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here.

Gys has two locations in Utrecht. Gys at Voorstraat 77 is open 7 days a week from 10:00 -21:30. The other location at the Amsterdamsestraatweg opens on Monday and Tuesdays at 17:00. Besides that, the opening times are the same.

Rabarber Utrecht

The menu at Rabarber in Utrecht, The Netherlands changes frequently which makes you want to come back another time. And another time. And. You get my point. The reason is that they work with local products and those are seasonal. They have everything you need. From a great breakfast to an even better lunch. Have a look at their English menu here.

Rabarber Utrecht opens 6 days a week. Tuesday- Saturday 09:00-20:00. Sunday 10:00-18:00.

Zadelstraat 20,

3511 LV Utrecht

Café Elize

Café Elize is located in the middle of the centre of Utrecht, yet it’s not busy on the streets. So, if you’re looking for another great place to relax while having a bit, then café Elize is great for you. When it comes to the food that is served, you won’t be disappointed either. It is one of the best places in Utrecht to have breakfast or a simple lunch.

Café Elize is opened 7 days a week. From Monday- Saturday 08:00-18:00 and on Sunday 09:00-18:00.

Mariaplaats 44,

3511 LL Utrecht

Café Willem

For lunch, dinner, and drinks Café Willem is your new hotspot in Utrecht. The interior is just so beautiful, peaceful but edgy at the same time that this makes it a reason by itself to visit Café Willem in Utrecht. They have organic and seasonal products to create the best and most fresh dishes. And those are not disappointing.

The opening times of Café Willem are the following; Monday-Wednesday 15:00-23:00. Thursday 11:00 – 23:00. Friday & Saturday 11:00-01:00. Sunday 11:00 – 23:00.

Willem van Noortstraat 186,

3514 GJ Utrecht


Last, but certainly not least is Hooi. At Hooi they serve amazing breakfast that fills you up for a very long time, such as oatmeal. Besides breakfast, they have sandwiches with a touch for lunch that taste so good that you’re in doubt whether you should order another one or not. There are vegan cake, gluten-free cake, and your ‘normal’ ones.

Hooi is opened 7 days a week. From Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00. Saturday and Sunday 09:00-17:30.

Burgemeester Reigerstraat 25,

3581 KK Utrecht

16x Best lunch spots in Utrecht, The Netherlands | Where to eat lunch in Utrecht - Visiting The Dutch Countryside (3)

Have you been to one of these lunch hotspots in Utrecht, The Netherlands already? For an article on where to get breakfast in Utrecht, The Netherlands, click here. Is there any cafe you’d like to add to this list? Click here for more information on what to do and best restaurants to visit in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Share this post!

16x Best lunch spots in Utrecht, The Netherlands | Where to eat lunch in Utrecht - Visiting The Dutch Countryside (2024)
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