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A friendly reminder from our product security team

The Connection Between Carry Services & Cheating

Bungie's Product Security team continues to protect players from cheating and enable players to experience the game as its talented designers intended. Over the past year, we've observed an increase in accounts being stolen and sold without the account owners' permission by boosters, paid-carry services, and cheat developers. Such services also appear to harvest and sell any other personal or financial information they come across.

There's an increasingly clear relationship between boosting services and cheating. Primarily, boosting and paid-carry services frequently resort to cheats to churn through as many customers as fast as possible. After those customers are churned through, the carry service will then sell the account credentials to other bad actors. Cheat developers in turn will use packs of stolen accounts to evade bans and enable further cheat development.

Ultimately, services that offer to skirt the integrity of the game are not likely to be trustworthy with a player's account and personal information. In addition to the untrustworthiness of these services, they are also against the terms of service and end up as the basis of a permanent ban on the account.

We again remind you to protect your account and do not use account recovery or cheat services. Saying that your fingers were not on the keyboard when the cheating occurred will not help you in an appeal. The loss of your Bungie account due to bad behavior by an untrustworthy service is only one small way that you can be burned. For more information regarding our ban policies, please visit Destiny Account Restrictions & Banning Policies.

Our commitment

Players who purchase Destiny 2 services are busy gamers who are overwhelmed by real life duties and could sometimes end up quitting the game. Without having a strong clan or stable team mates, it’s easy to fall behind or grow out of touch with the game and your other friends. Sadly, there are a lot of sellers who offer a cheap way out with Recoveries, even promising safety with a VPN… or low prices without any background check on their players.

We take action. This makes us different.

  • We always aimed to be a reasonable alternative. Our core policy, since Blazing Boost’s foundation, has been 100% transparency. Since the very first Bungie announcement against Recoveries, we have been the one and only site mentioning this risk, actively encouraging Sherpa over Recovery services. Since then, we are glad to say that the vast majority of customers shifted to Sherpas. They are safe and provide a way better gaming experience worth its cost and effort. On top of that, customers can directly see that the activity is completed without hacks. This is why, by default, Sherpas provide a peace of mind.

  • We consider hacking to be the #1 enemy of Destiny 2. We block and report hackers if we ever encounter one. We run a lot of tests and checks on our players. We take this topic very seriously. Unfortunately, many websites do not share the same vision and harm the industry. We always said it, and we'll say it again: do not trust anyone who doesn't talk openly about Recovery risks and encourages you to feel safe just because of a VPN.

  • Following the most recent Bungie announcement, it is clear for us that we must do even better and apply new rules in order to erase the risk of any hack being used at ANY moment. Sherpa services should and will give you the feeling of completing the activity, having a strong team mate helping you, in a legit way. It will take time but you will learn, have fun, and be completely safe. Hacks cannot, EVER, be used to complete the service faster at the REAL RISK of losing your account PERMANENTLY!

As a result:

  1. We will double our efforts with our anti-cheating and anti-recovery procedures. We have been checking tracker links and analysing stats for many years, and we will be even more suspicious and careful from now on. Our pros will even have to provide us proofs (such as videos or similar) of every order!

    We will also try to drop Sherpa prices and share even more awareness. Recoveries have to stop existing. This industry should not be harmed by hacks and bad actors. A lot of legit pros make a living from their passion and help a lot of nice Guardians.

  2. Hacks in Sherpa services make no sense because the customer can immediately spot them. In fact, we want to put you in control: if you think anyone in your Sherpa fireteam is playing in a suspicious way, interrupt the service immediately or report it to our pro. If you do not feel comfortable, no problem! We are on your side. If our pro cannot find a new team within 12 hours, we will refund you.

There must be NO space for hacking at BlazingBoost. We will START pushING every market player to do the same.

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Tusk of the Boar - Grenade Launcher - BlazingBoost (2024)
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