Warframe: The best community-made Harrow Prime builds (2024)

Dauntless, devout and brimming with pious wrath, Harrow Prime joined the Warframe roster last December with Harrow Prime Access. While he can be purchased directly, players can also earn Harrow Prime for a limited time by opening specific Relics in Void Fissure Missions. Featuring enhanced shields and energy—along with an extra Polarity Mod slot, Harrow Prime is a must-have Warframe for Tenno who want to buff their allies, create nigh-endless reserves of Energy and have a knack for scoring headshots (which can dramatically amplify the effects of Harrow’s Abilities). But the right Harrow Prime build will make all the difference.

If you’ve just recently obtained this dark priest (including his non-Prime version), below you’ll find a roundup of some of the best Harrow Prime builds made by our community. Some of these builds are for general use, while others focus on specialized tasks like Eidolon hunting. But all of them will help transform your Harrow Prime into a harbinger of righteous fury.

The best Harrow Prime builds

A beginner-friendly, multipurpose build

First up, GrindHardSquad has a great, beginner-friendly Harrow Prime build that won’t require you to use Forma to squeeze out extra Mod drain or use the Helminth to replace one of Harrow Prime’s Abilities with another. Overall, this is a great multipurpose build that you can use for regular Star Chart Missions and—with powerful enough Weapons—the Steel Path.

If you want to skip straight to GrindHardSquad’s Mod Loadout, click here.

This build is great because it mostly makes use of standard Mods you’ll likely already have, making it perfect for newer players. Primed Flow and Primed Continuity can easily be swapped for their regular, less-powerful variants. This build does use Natural Talent, a Rare Mod that reduces the cast time on Warframe Abilities—a huge boon considering all of Harrow Prime’s Abilities have a longer cast time.

An endgame build for veterans

If you have the Forma to spare, you can ramp up Harrow Prime’s capabilities to an absurd degree. That’s what KnightmareFrame's build guide aspires to, by sacrificing Ability Efficiency for more Ability Power. All the Power.

If you want to skip straight to KnightmareFrame’s Mod Loadout, click here.

You’ll see a few of the same Mods from the beginner-friendly build above, but with some key differences. For one, KnightmareFrame uses Combat Discipline as his Aura Mod to damage himself and heal allies each time he kills an enemy. By making liberal use of Harrow Prime’s Penance and Covenant Abilities, however, you can easily replace that lost health (or prevent the damage altogether). Since it's always good to have a plan B, KnightmareFrame also recommends using Quick Thinking, which will negate fatal damage by draining Energy—something Harrow Prime should have no shortage of.

This build is great for high-level missions, Arbitrations, Steel Path and everything in between.

Harrow Prime, bane of Eidolons

Harrow Prime is a fantastic Warframe for hunting Eidolons, as his Abilities can help your party negate otherwise deadly damage, keep Energy reserves topped up and multiply critical damage for your team, which will make anyone using a sniper extremely happy.

Warframe: The best community-made Harrow Prime builds (1)

You can find the above Harrow Prime Eidolon build on Overframe. The whole point of this build is to max out Ability Strength while matching the Ability Duration of Covenant to the exact length of an Eidolon’s scream. This way, you can negate its damage and turn it into a critical damage buff that’ll let your team obliterate an Eidolon’s limbs when it next becomes vulnerable. The Corrosive Projection and Coaction Drift Mods will also weaken the Eidolon’s armor significantly. One other thing worth mentioning is that this build also swaps Condemn with Energized Munitions using the Helminth for better ammo efficiency.

Other great Harrow Prime builds

If the builds above aren’t what you’re looking for, here’s some other guides you can look at:

- Faceless Beanie’s Harrow Prime guide has three distinct builds for different types of gameplay.
- Overframe has a selection of community-made Harrow Prime builds that are all worth checking out.
- Warframe-school.com has a cool build aimed at being an endless fountain of Energy for your team.

These Harrow Prime builds should be everything you need to tap into the true potential of this powerful zealot! Add Harrow Prime along with his signature Weapons, Scourge Prime and Knell Prime, to your Arsenal instantly through Prime Access while you still can, or track down Relics in-game. Together with the above builds, it’s everything you’d need to bring retribution to the Origin System.

Warframe: The best community-made Harrow Prime builds (2024)
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